Jonathan, Katrina & Soren

Jonathan, Katrina & Soren
Jon and Katrina were married in May 2008. We live in Houston, TX. Katrina graduated from Utah State and plays the "SugaMama" role as Jon continues with his studies at U of H. We love getting lost and having all sorts of crazy adventures. Jon is nice and Katrina is honest. :) We are first time parents to Soren Idrios. He has bulldog cheeks! These are our stories.

Jon, my love!

Jon, my love!

Jon likes...

Mario Kart
English papers... :)
Funny Things
Wearing shorts on the weekends
Taco Night
His t-shirts with or without holes and
College Football



Kat Likes...

Soren Idrios
Making dinner
Cuddling on the "SofaSac"
Hiking and Camping
Fruit Snacks
Not having eye infections.
Lists :)
and JON of course!

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01 December 2008

No blogging

Just a friendly notice that I will most likely not be blogging until after the 15th. Graduation is coming up and finals are the last thing I am going to let get in the way of getting out of here! That is all. See you soon.

18 November 2008


Yesterday I was extended an offer to work for Teach for America in Houston, Texas! It looks like I'm going to be very busy for the next two years. I feel so excited and Jon is so supportive. He bought me pink roses and took me out to my favorite Thai restaurant in Logan. We went bowling, had ice cream, and watched a movie too; all to celebrate! We are so excited to be moving to the this beautiful city next year.

I have already started looking at apartments which admittedly is premature, but I can't help myself! The cost of living there is much less expensive than where we are now. It is a huge city filled with great museums, shopping, cultural festivals, and has a beautiful temple in the northwestern suburbs.

I don't which school I am teaching at yet, but I know that I tentatively assigned at "bilingual, PreK-4th grades." I don't even know exactly what that means yet, but I know it means that I get to work with the little latino kids in the school. This is a small dream come true for me; I guess that means I have even bigger dreams. (he he) I can't wait to get started helping these kids!

Did you know?

4th graders in the United States should be reading books like "Harry Potter", but 4th graders in low-income communities are still reading "See Spot Run."

Only about 50% of children in low-income communities graduate from high school.

Those that do graduate do so at an 8th grade reading level.

Only one in 10 will graduate from college.

13 million children are currently living in this situation in the United States.

These children are not under-performing because they are not are capable or smart as children from high-income communities, so why then this achievement gap?There are many reasons. Some of the causes are out of our control, others are not.

And that is why I want to work to stop this injustice. I can't fix the problem everywhere, but I can start one child at a time. I'm just one person, but I can do hard things and work to make a bright future for those who will come after me.

YAY! What a great adventure!

06 November 2008


Life has been a bit hectic to say the least. Two weeks ago Sunday my grandmother passed away. She is a wonderful lady and will always be cherished by those who knew her. I know that she is in a better place doing wonderful things. She is with family and friends and will be there to greet my family when we pass from this mortality.

My heart aches for her on most days, but has done so for a long time. She battled with Alzheimer's disease in the last years of her life and anyone who knows about or has experienced this disease in their life or family knows how challenging it is.

I would like, however, to dedicate this blog to my precious grandfather. His work ethic is uncoupled, his generosity and spirit of service is magnificent, and his love for me means everything. He never left my grandmother’s side not even for a moment during her affliction. He took care of her and suffered with her to the very end. That is in itself a heroic act, but also the epitome of long-suffering, eternal love, and honoring sacred covenants. I am amazed at his strength even now after her passing. Their love for one another is of the sweetest, most respectful I have felt.

Because he has loved his wife, his family, and his neighbor my grandfather has served the Lord his whole life. I have never witnessed greater testimony, acute faith, and inspiring love. Thank you grandpa for all that you teach us through your humble example. He is so tender to me and every time we speak on the phone or we visit I feel uplifted, strengthened, and an eagerness to continue on in my life in such a way that would always make him proud of me. Take today for example, he is dusting the house and doing so with a cheerful heart, blest with work. I am reminded of my dirty house and my previously begrudging attitude towards my duty to clean it and feel grateful now to have a change of perspective.

Forgive my continued rambling, but…

I think that many of us are in search of "making a name" for ourselves, or doing something truly great that will in turn be our little bit of immortality to leave behind in this world. I recently heard a speech in which the orator discussed this very topic: influence.

She spoke of those who we deem to be the most influential people in our society. Some of her categories included winners of the Nobel Prize, those who carry the title of Ms. America, Heisman athletes, Presidents of the United States, Great War generals, and others. Then she posed the question to us, “Do any of you remember the names of these individuals?” Do we remember the names of the last 10 people who won a Nobel Prize, Ms. America? Can we even list the names of our last 10 presidents? No? But these are our most influential people, right?


Our most influential people are those we know, and those who know us. They are friends, teachers, bishops, mission presidents, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers, and grandparents. Whether these individuals have been a positive pebble in our pond of self-worth or a deadly drought set to destroy us, they are still those who have the greatest power to motivate; our most influential people.

Can we today reflect on just one of these individuals? If this person was a righteous influence in our lives, can we thank them personally? Not by email, or in our hearts, or a text, but an actual phone call, or a real letter? If this particular individual caused us pain or hurt, can we forgive them and pledge to be positive influence for change? I believe we can. We can be that righteously influential brother, teacher, sister, friend, wife, mom, son, husband, or grandfather to those who matter most to us. We can also be that Nobel Prize winner or the lovely Ms. America, but none of that will matter if we are not first and foremost the reciprocator of the service, love, encouragement, and tenderness provided to us by our most influential.

I am so thankful to these many people in my life. They are so precious to me and I am rededicating myself to be more like each one of them.

21 October 2008

What stays in Vegas?...

Everyone's heard the old adage, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but does anyone really know why that statement is true? Jon and I found out this last weekend as we ventured down to "Sin City" to check it out.

First it must be said that I come from a Vegas-Hating-Type family. Anytime we drove past or even got remotely near Vegas it was always, "Drive right through." and "Kids look down at your feet." In fact, the only part of Las Vegas I had ever seen was the 7-11 outside of town and even then we couldn't even think about touching the slot machine outside the store. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating, but that's how I remember it in my little kid mind.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Mark live in North Las Vegas and were kind enough to let us stay with them for the weekend. Jon and I needed desperately to get away from the stress of school and work so we packed our bags and got out of dodge.

It was a wonderful weekend! We got to see family, I got to catch up with the Whitakers (my most favorite missionary couple in Ecuador), and we hung out with Chang and his family too!

Mark and Becky are great hosts and even treated us to a night on the strip, which brings me back to the introduction of my blog. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because no one is sober enough to remember what happened! Everyone is too drunk to remember anything at all from their Vegas vacation. As Jon and I checked in to the Excalibur on Friday night, we walked through the casino to get to our room and the first thing I saw was an old guy on a motorized chair run over another man and knock him off his stool at the slot machines. I couldn't help from giggling my socks off about this! Picture it... old man in motorized chair rams into another gambler knocking him off his stool! Classic.

Anyway, that was only the beginning of the antics we witnessed on the strip, but I will spare you details and keep my blog G-rated. I love people-watching and since I don't gamble, Vegas is really good for a lot of laughs at others' expense.

Later that night after a delicious dinner at the Elephant Bar (not on the strip, locals only please) in Henderson, we took a stroll down the Las Vegas Strip.

I have always wanted to see the Bellagio Fountains, and let me tell you it was spectacular! We watched a show to the song "All that Jazz" from the musical "Chicago". Absolutely wonderful! The water really does shoot up higher than the hotel itself!
We also saw many other well-known luxury hotels like MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Luxor, Wynn, Trump Tower, Caesar's Palace, just to name few. We also went on the New York New York rollercoaster and did lots of shopping near stores like Harry Winston, Gucci, Armani, and Saks Fifth Avenue where not even a food court is considered respectable enough to be a "real" part of the mall. Can you feel the glamour? Can you smell the stench of credit cards maxing out?
Fact: People on the strip are nuts.

Fact: We saw a modern day version of the great and spacious building encaptured in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville outside restaurant where guest beckon and mock onlookers and passersby.

Fiction: People will not be held responsible for acts committed in Las Vegas just because the slogan says so.

Fact: I don't think that I was really missing much all those years in my childhood and I've proved it with two exceptions the fountains and a rollercoaster.

Much more meaningful to me was the time spent with family and friends. We even got to spy on Chang's mom while she was on a date. She and her date were great sports! I got to hug Elder and Sister Whitaker which means the world to me after all the love and support they have given me and I was able to get to know Uncle Mark and Aunt Becky better. (Let's just say that the Galbraith men have some distinctive traits that run in the family.)

Hears to great weekend in Las Vegas and the best part is that I remember every bit of it!

Tag of Unspectacular Quirks

The rules are:
* Link to the person who tagged you .... Amy and LeShel
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1. I don't ever wear two socks that match.
2. I have to clean my ears out everyday with a Q-tip, even though everyone says not too and there is a warning on the package.
3. I cannot fall asleep with the door closed and I have to be facing the open door just in case some one comes in to kill me and I need to be ready for a frontal attack.
4. Jon and I never saw a movie in the theatre until after we we're married.
5. I hate beets. They taste like dirt.
6. I can move my left eyeball without moving my right eyeball.

***I now tag: Mom, Jackie, Jana, Julie, Mindy, and Emily!

02 October 2008

Why I love being married to Jon...

On Tuesday night, Jon had some work to complete in Salt Lake. We drove down in the evening and while he worked, I shopped for a bit with my mom. It was a lot of fun. I finally found a frame for the little piece of crafting I did at Enrichment Night 3 weeks ago. It's an absolute injustice that Logan does not have a Target.

Anyway, before we drove back to Logan that night we decided to pick up some goodies to help keep us awake. Jon was in need of more "seeds" as he calls them. No, he doesn't grow anything, he likes to eat sunflower seeds. In fact, when I ask him to drive safe and if he'll be okay late at night driving he always answers, "Yup, I have my seeds." He says it's all he needs to keep him awake and I found out why.

His very special way of eating them is... shoving a bunch in his mouth all at once. He then proceeds to extract each seed from its shell, spit out the shell and save the seed inbetween his gum and upper lip! He does this with each seed until all the shells are out and then eats all the seeds at the same time.

I decided to try this and while it may sound easy I can testify that it is not. I only got about 10 finished before I started running out of room in my lip area. I luckily finished 21 seeds but Jon lost count somehwere around 24 and kept on going for about another 5 minutes. I predict that he had close to 50 seeds! here are our seed cups from the drive. He is so much fun!

We also found out that we share an addiction! I bought one of those Chex Mix bags, the ones that you get because they are so salty and delicious. I told Jon that I really only get them because of the little, round, brown, bread-like ones. These are my favorite and it turns out his favorite too! He told me that you can even buy just a bag of the brown thingies! What a strange thing, no? We are two weird peas-in-a-pod.

25 September 2008

After the Honeymoon....

Jon and I had a wonderful summer. He kept on working hard and I did an internship with Beneficial Financial Group. It was the best job I ever had, I have never cried on my last day of work from anywhere, but I cried all the home on the trax train. I know it's pathetic, but I really loved my job. We also spent our summer trying to play as much as possible. Here are some pictures from hiking with our friends, the Coopers!

We also went into the Uintahs with my Dad, Wyatt, and Martin. It was Jon's first time up King's Peak. Luckily for me, I hit my "wall" before we got to Anderson's Pass. It made the last hour of boulder climbing quite enjoyable. It was a really great trip. Martin kicked everyone's butt.

Habitat for Humanity is a great foundation. We went to a charity black tie ball at the Capitol Building. Okay, so we knew about 4 days before that we were going to go. Renting a tux is a fairly easy process but trying to find a modest formal for someone older than 15 that won't pay more than 50 bucks is truly a feat. I found one though and we had a great time with everyone from Envision Lending Group. I especially enjoyed the moments when Jon and I were the only ones on the dance floor! It felt like Junior Prom all over again.

Next update... "Katrina wins Monopoly against the money master", "Lost on the 4th of July", "The Galbraiths go to the zoo and turn into turtles", and "Camping in the house!"

16 September 2008

Tulum, Mexico

Jonathan and I were fortunate enough to be able to honeymoon in Mexico thanks to some dear friends! We had a blast!
Tulum is a little beach-side village 2 hours south of Cancun. We got there late at night but had a friendly shuttle driver and we just enjoyed how warm it was. I am a huge fan of humidity and had been missing out!
We stayed in a hut! This hut had no electricity but did have running ocean water in the shower. I loved taking salty showers and enjoying the sunsets in the beach with candlelight! Also, it didn't have walls, but glass-like windows. No privacy, but no one else was there and it was awesome to fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up to beautiful sunrises. It was the perfect adventure for us. A few little animals resided with us, baby crabs, some iguanas and another little critter that a ate a hole through one of our bags (the material and the zipper!)
Cabanas Copal is the name of the hostal where we stayed and it was the best one on the beach. We were about 30 steps from the tide in front of us and 2 steps behind us was the jungle!
The people in town were friendly and we enjoyed authentic food and entertainment. Speaking of the food, we miss it and now eat tacos about twice a week!
3 of the days we were there we had a little scooter and went all over the countryside on it. We went to ruins and cenotes. Jon even got me to go snorkeling! I was so scared but it turned out to be the best ever! Even better than the off-roading we did on the scooter!
We headed to Chichen Itza in a PT Cruiser on our last day. I loved Chichen Itza it looks like something out of a movie set. I hated the PT Cruiser, what a silly car. Sorry to anyone who drives one.
Only one time did we get eaten alive by mosquitos and that was not Jon's fault but mine for wanting to go exploring in the marshland ruins. Duh?!
I also found that people in Mexico who say that they speak English actually do speak English, unlike Equatorianos who say that they speak English but really only speak pickupline. :)
We were sad to come home but will definitely be going back. And we would recommend to anyone that thinks they want to vacation in Cancun, to get out and keep heading south. Cancun is fun for shopping and nightclubs, but if you want real relaxation and natural beauty away from the crowds and tourists and you aren't afraid to "go native" for awhile, Tulum is the place for you!
Check out the slideshow there's lots o' photos!

11 September 2008


Okay, for anyone who may still be checking this pathetic blog wanna-be...

We are starting the huge update!

I will be participating in time travel, it's very dangerous and the whole process is very risky, but it works and I can take you with me!

We shall start on May 28th, 2008 and travel up at high velocity rates until our "past selves" meet up with our "future selves" and become our "present selves". Did that make sense to you? Yeah, me neither. :)

Basically, I want to catch everybody up on what's been going on in our lives! I'm going to start with May and pick out the big stuff through the past 3-ish months until we are on the same page again! It will take place in bits though, over the next week or so.

You and I know that this is the blog-marathon event of the year! Don't miss out!

04 May 2008

Long Boarding!

Katrina and I deceided to buy longboards for the summer. Katrina asked me to teach her to ride them. She always wanted one to ride around Logan. Yesterday the 3rd of May, we went to the church parking lot to practice our sweet skills. We started out with the basic. She had been practicing standing on it at home while talking to her sister on my cell phone. :) She started right off on hers with the one push with her foot. Than she began to push twice with her foot at a time. I was so happy to she her wonderful pro-skateboarding skills.

She practiced and practiced. She tried to turn on her board but was scared with the speed she had on her board. So I took her and her board to a corner of the parking lot and held her hand as we went in a circle. Than as she was going in circles I let go and watched her turn in a circle by herself. So proud. Now I knew that this wasn't going to be an easy job teaching her and to prove that to everyone Katrina had to throw her elbow into my lip. She made my lip bleed and as Katrina said, "Jon, your bleeding a lot." Oh-well sometimes love hurts. Just kidding.

It was fun to see Katrina going in circles around the parking lot. But one of the funniest things about it is we had two kids running around the church spying on us. They were teasing me because I had a girlfriend. After awhile I jumped on my board and skated toward them. One of the kids fell on the ground and I knew I had him. The kids were 6 years old. I know the kid that was on the ground. He was one of the Smith boys. We got to talking and they asked if Katrina was my girlfriend or my wife. I laughed at the question and said she is my soon to be wife, with a smile. Then they asked me if she knew how to skateboard. I wanted to say, dude she is pro. But I just said we were learning how to ride. Then the kids were called to go home. As they were leaving they yelled "hey you guys are kissing!" So Katrina and I put a pretty short show on for them. It was funny.

I am so lucky to have someone like Katrina who trust me enough to ask me to teach her something like skateboarding. Katrina really trusts me with her life. As she should and I know I would protect her with everything I have. She is the bestest.

02 May 2008


I can't begin to describe how blissful it is to be home. I took my last final on Monday morning, with a migraine headache. I actually think I did better because of the migraine! And classes were done with.

I went home and crashed until one of my roommates flung open the door at 4 pm telling me that I needed to "shake the lead out". I wanted to shake her. She left and I went back to my dungeon hoping my head would stop pounding so I could pack my room!

Suddenly the door creaked open again and I thought, "I'm really going to shake her this time if she disturbs me again." It wasn't my roommate, but Jon pumped and ready to pack my stuff for me so I could get home. He's really a knight, a knight for hire if you need him to pack for you! He was done in a very short time, (not that I have a lot of stuff, but still very impressive) and got me some vitamin c. I slept that night (finally). And was ready to go the next day when my dad's truck arrived.

I am now home and so ready to get married, especially because all the planning is done!

The thing about being at school was that I was busy all day and Jon and I just got to talk to each other at night on the phone. Now that I am home, Jon works a lot! Okay, not really... I'm just beside myself with free free time!

But no one can argue that it doesn't feel great to come home... and if they try I shall offer them a semester like the one Jon and I just had.

25 April 2008

DISCLAIMER: *New Music Playlist*

So there's new music today on our playist. You may not like all the songs. They are a mix of songs Jon and I really like and others. In the others, they are a category of songs from my mission. I don't even like a few of them, but they are pegged to good memories so here's a little taste of what you hear EVERYWHERE you to in Ecuador.
Of course, along with some actual music and good tunes!
**end of disclaimer**

23 April 2008

How many of you!?

So thanks to my friends Zac and Jana, I got on this website You can see how many people in the US share your name. I searched Jonathan Galbraith, Katrina Hansen, and Katrina Galbraith to find out our statistics. Here's the results! Interesting facts with our names....

There are 475,629 people in the U.S. with the first name Jonathan.
Statistically the 119th most popular first name.

There are 92,694 people in the U.S. with the first name Katrina.
Statistically the 555th most popular first name.

There are 9,178 people in the U.S. with the last name Galbraith.
Statistically the 4012th most popular last name.

There are 142,841 people in the U.S. with the last name Hansen.
Statistically the 222nd most popular last name.

So there you have it! Kind of random, but fun to see! Check it out!

there are this many Katrina Hansen ->
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

there are this many Jonathan Galbraith ->
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

there are only this many Katrina Galbraith ->
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

09 April 2008

Count Down!

OK. Guess what today, the 9th of April, means? 50 days left. Thats right 50 days left until May 29th. That is like a half of 100. :)

If you can't tell I am pretty much excited. 50 days left.

The other countdown!

Only 20 days until school is OVER!

This is also another wonderful countdown.

I am so grateful for everyone's support... can't say that I won't be elated when this is all over and Jon and I can begin our life together. I am so humbled by God's great mercy and the bounteous ways He sees fit to bless us. (Jon if you're reading this, that means YOU) I don't want to be too sappy, just share my joy! So…
Other than a few last wedding plans, not much is going on here in Logan. It is snowing today. I am excited for May, Jon and I are going to buy a long board and enjoy the warm weather and actually spend time together!

20 March 2008

Happy Birthday Katrina!!

Happy Birthday my dear. Yup, thats right yesterday the 19th of March was Katrina's Birthday. But everyone already know that. The day started out pretty crazy for Katrina having one of her professors calling her like mad while she was in another class. Then we met at 10:28 to go to her next class which so happened to be a wonderful lesson from D&C 76 on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was nice to start the day off on a spiritual high and it didn't end there. Next we went home to prepare to go to the temple. Katrina walked into her room to 11 balloons and two birthday cards and gift bags. (from her parents and myself) We heated up some tacos for lunch and then we were off to the temple. The temple has always been one of our favorite places to be at together. To have no worries and to be able to clear our minds.
After the temple we took a trip to Odgen to take care of the car. A trip anywhere is so nice when you are with the one you love and just being able to hold there hand. :) We came back and had dinner at Iron Gate. It was a nice place and once again as Katrina was getting her salad I told them that it was her birthday. They brought her a nice piece of rich cheesecake. It was so good! :) Anyway then we went back to her place and jumped on the computer to write some emails, but then notice that we got a special email and just had to look at it. It was a very good email to have sent to us. We finished our day together with working on the invitation, having cake and ice cream with her roommates, and then to top it off standing out in the rain saying good bye. Good bye never gets easier. Nope not at all. Love you sweetie!!!

18 March 2008


We pretty much had the best Spring Break ever. It was a much needed break for Jon and myself. (even though I was sick and Jon is now sick) We had a great time! I had to work a couple of the days, but we still got to go to play at Priscila's birthday party. I met Jon's aunt Jana and more of his cousins and family. They are so nice to me. I am so excited to part of his family and get to know them better!

Let's see... Wedding stuff? The update is that my dress is done and at home! We have picked out invitations and are almost ready to order them. We are gathering everyone's address! :) On Thursday we got our engagement pictures taken! It was 3 hours long with Randy, but he is really great and we had a lot of fun!

Jon liked how much Randy asked us to kiss, and I quote, "Just ignore me (Randy) and make out like you are in a dark alley all by yourselves." Thanks Randy! These are my least favorite pictures, the kissy ones. Not because I don't love kissing Jon, it's just that they are so cheesy and gross! Who wants to see that! yuck. Anyway, we are anxious to see them this week.

Wednesday night I subjected Jon to my cooking again, sort of. We had chicken tacos at my house! He says that he's happy I want to cook for him and I do! It's fun, at least for now.
And I explained to Jon why Fiji bottled water is my favorite! (the square bottle was made for my little hands!)

I got to see my bestest girlfriend, Cami, on Sunday she just got home from her mission in Long Beach! It was great to see her and I'm happy Jon finally gets to meet some of my friends!

Then finally on Friday morning we left for Zions! YAH! It was a great drive away from all the snow. I can't say it was perfect weather, but well enough for hot tubbing and hiking!

My favorite was the night that Jon and I sat on the deck (I was freezing but wrapped in a sleeping bag) and talked about how we fell in love! It wasn't that long ago... but fun to remember.

My parents had their 34th wedding anniversary on the 15th. We went to dinner with them and talked about the best and worst decade by decade, 1974-2008. It was really great to hear their stories, we laughed and cried! And we all had candles on our dessert, except Jon. I loved dinner just as I love my parents so much!

We were also invited to a wonderful dinner at Jon's mom's house. It was an early Easter,but it was great! Pete is a great cook! And Julia helped make it a perfect evening! Thanks so much! Prisicila looked so cute in her Easter dress and Jon and I got 20 bucks! Yaywhoo! I was so sad to have to head back to Logan, but as Jon says, "one more time leaving is really one less time that I have to go."

All in all it was the perfect vacation apart from coming home in snowy weather and Jon's windshield wipers! I even saw Jon in the morning without his make-up on and horrible hair and still will marry him in May! Did I forget anything? Pictures maybe? Here ya go...

Zions fotos at bottom! -->

04 March 2008

Good Bye February!

Yes, finally the month of February is over. What a blessing. We decided that Katrina needed a break from all the traveling back and forth from Logan and South Jordan, so I went to Logan this last weekend. I was planning to get there by the time she got off work on Saturday, but I just couldn't wait to see her. I woke up Saturday morning at 5:00 am got ready and drove to Logan. I know Katrina was planning on going to the temple that morning and I wanted to make sure I was there before she left to go. (Good thing she slept in) I called right before I was without any service on my phone, like 6:30 am, and asked her if I could go with her and to tell her that I would be in Logan in 30 minutes. She pretty much was surprised and HAPPY that I was almost there. The weekend was wonderful from spending time in the temple to Ice Skating to having some horchata (Hmmmmm Horchata, I love it) to watching a couple of movies to listening to Elder Bruce C Hafen to eating dinner with Katrina's friend Jake and his wife, Jackie Gadd. The weekend was great. Even with the weekend being so busy we were able to still look at invitations and kind of get a number of how many we would like to send out.

We are getting closer to having things ready for the two big days. To finding someone to take photos to setting a day to have the engagement pictures taken to picking the place for our honeymoon which is Acamo, Mexico (So excited to have our room be like 5 feet from the ocean) to even getting closer to picking out the cake. Which I'm excited to be the one who gets to try the cakes. :) There has been a lot happen from the last post, but our LOVE for one another is still growing stronger and stronger as each day goes by.

20 February 2008

just starting out.

Is this my dress? --->

I try to tease Jon a lot about my dress, but it doesn't "seem" to bother him. But I know secretly he really wants to see it. He's a real trooper when it comes to this whole "planning" thing. Today we discussed colors and at least he pretends as if it's important. :) He's really sweet to do that.
This weeks tasks include: guest lists, signing a photographer, finalizing the wedding dinner plans, and trying on my dress (post-alteration) with my shoes. There are a few other "to do list" items, but I won't bore all of you with more details.
But just wanted to say that I am grateful to my parents, Jon's mom and dad, and so many other people, including our Heavenly Father for making this possible. Making it possible that Jon and I could meet one another (thanks Ryan) and that we can be sealed. It's a beautiful beginning.

19 February 2008

To the World!!!

This is the place. Look at it. Its so beautiful. Everytime I look at it I get the chills. To think that on May 29th Katrina and I will be sealed to one another for time and all eternity. To begin our lives as one. To raise a family in the ways of the Lord. To be able to serve one another.
This my friends is what I think Love is all about. But there is one thing I must say and that is God really prepares us for our future. He knows what is best for us even if its not apart of our personal plans. I keep saying that I have been really blessed because Katrina is far better then what I could even dream of. Its true I'm one lucky guy. To be able to be next to her side. This is what I'm looking forward the most. Thank you all for your Love and Support for Katrina and I.

17 February 2008

Black Angus

So on Saturday, Jon and I went to dinner at Black Angus with my parents, and the Morleys, and his mom. We were stressed a little for it was the first time they met. But it was a great night and Jon and I are just moving right along with plans for the big day!
I bought my dress on Saturday too and it is beautiful. I am very pleased with how things are going.
After the dinner we drove up to the Bountiful Temple and Jon told me that there were only 103 days until May 29th.

Today makes 102. :)

16 February 2008

Valentines Day... the 15th!

So Jon and I couldn't be together for Valentine's, which is not a real big deal, it's just a day. But I was in Logan at work and he in South Jordan. No worries! I got to go to SoJo for the weekend to work on wedding stuff and we celebrated 14th on the 15th. We did chocolate fondue with pretzels and danced to latin love songs!
He's so wonderful. I couldn't have been blessed with a more caring, humble or "cool" man. He's the only one with the key to my heart. That's why I love him!
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