Jonathan, Katrina & Soren

Jonathan, Katrina & Soren
Jon and Katrina were married in May 2008. We live in Houston, TX. Katrina graduated from Utah State and plays the "SugaMama" role as Jon continues with his studies at U of H. We love getting lost and having all sorts of crazy adventures. Jon is nice and Katrina is honest. :) We are first time parents to Soren Idrios. He has bulldog cheeks! These are our stories.

Jon, my love!

Jon, my love!

Jon likes...

Mario Kart
English papers... :)
Funny Things
Wearing shorts on the weekends
Taco Night
His t-shirts with or without holes and
College Football



Kat Likes...

Soren Idrios
Making dinner
Cuddling on the "SofaSac"
Hiking and Camping
Fruit Snacks
Not having eye infections.
Lists :)
and JON of course!

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04 May 2008

Long Boarding!

Katrina and I deceided to buy longboards for the summer. Katrina asked me to teach her to ride them. She always wanted one to ride around Logan. Yesterday the 3rd of May, we went to the church parking lot to practice our sweet skills. We started out with the basic. She had been practicing standing on it at home while talking to her sister on my cell phone. :) She started right off on hers with the one push with her foot. Than she began to push twice with her foot at a time. I was so happy to she her wonderful pro-skateboarding skills.

She practiced and practiced. She tried to turn on her board but was scared with the speed she had on her board. So I took her and her board to a corner of the parking lot and held her hand as we went in a circle. Than as she was going in circles I let go and watched her turn in a circle by herself. So proud. Now I knew that this wasn't going to be an easy job teaching her and to prove that to everyone Katrina had to throw her elbow into my lip. She made my lip bleed and as Katrina said, "Jon, your bleeding a lot." Oh-well sometimes love hurts. Just kidding.

It was fun to see Katrina going in circles around the parking lot. But one of the funniest things about it is we had two kids running around the church spying on us. They were teasing me because I had a girlfriend. After awhile I jumped on my board and skated toward them. One of the kids fell on the ground and I knew I had him. The kids were 6 years old. I know the kid that was on the ground. He was one of the Smith boys. We got to talking and they asked if Katrina was my girlfriend or my wife. I laughed at the question and said she is my soon to be wife, with a smile. Then they asked me if she knew how to skateboard. I wanted to say, dude she is pro. But I just said we were learning how to ride. Then the kids were called to go home. As they were leaving they yelled "hey you guys are kissing!" So Katrina and I put a pretty short show on for them. It was funny.

I am so lucky to have someone like Katrina who trust me enough to ask me to teach her something like skateboarding. Katrina really trusts me with her life. As she should and I know I would protect her with everything I have. She is the bestest.

02 May 2008


I can't begin to describe how blissful it is to be home. I took my last final on Monday morning, with a migraine headache. I actually think I did better because of the migraine! And classes were done with.

I went home and crashed until one of my roommates flung open the door at 4 pm telling me that I needed to "shake the lead out". I wanted to shake her. She left and I went back to my dungeon hoping my head would stop pounding so I could pack my room!

Suddenly the door creaked open again and I thought, "I'm really going to shake her this time if she disturbs me again." It wasn't my roommate, but Jon pumped and ready to pack my stuff for me so I could get home. He's really a knight, a knight for hire if you need him to pack for you! He was done in a very short time, (not that I have a lot of stuff, but still very impressive) and got me some vitamin c. I slept that night (finally). And was ready to go the next day when my dad's truck arrived.

I am now home and so ready to get married, especially because all the planning is done!

The thing about being at school was that I was busy all day and Jon and I just got to talk to each other at night on the phone. Now that I am home, Jon works a lot! Okay, not really... I'm just beside myself with free free time!

But no one can argue that it doesn't feel great to come home... and if they try I shall offer them a semester like the one Jon and I just had.
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