Jonathan, Katrina & Soren

Jonathan, Katrina & Soren
Jon and Katrina were married in May 2008. We live in Houston, TX. Katrina graduated from Utah State and plays the "SugaMama" role as Jon continues with his studies at U of H. We love getting lost and having all sorts of crazy adventures. Jon is nice and Katrina is honest. :) We are first time parents to Soren Idrios. He has bulldog cheeks! These are our stories.

Jon, my love!

Jon, my love!

Jon likes...

Mario Kart
English papers... :)
Funny Things
Wearing shorts on the weekends
Taco Night
His t-shirts with or without holes and
College Football



Kat Likes...

Soren Idrios
Making dinner
Cuddling on the "SofaSac"
Hiking and Camping
Fruit Snacks
Not having eye infections.
Lists :)
and JON of course!

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29 January 2009

And... (edited for time and content)

And you all thought I was back blogging again. hehe...

I will say though that back in December I never thought anyone would really miss me. Thanks for all your teasing and loving concern.

However, I'm still not blogging (with this one exception) until later. It's not that my life is totally uneventful, just almost. I guess I need to clarify this: uneventful does not mean depressing.

Does anyone ever just feel like they don't have anything to say? Maybe I'm alone in this but I just don't feel like blogging up cyberspace with type pollution unless I have something that needs sharing.

Life is happy and I'm happy. I hope everyone out there is happy, too!

Hasta Luego!
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