Jonathan, Katrina & Soren

Jonathan, Katrina & Soren
Jon and Katrina were married in May 2008. We live in Houston, TX. Katrina graduated from Utah State and plays the "SugaMama" role as Jon continues with his studies at U of H. We love getting lost and having all sorts of crazy adventures. Jon is nice and Katrina is honest. :) We are first time parents to Soren Idrios. He has bulldog cheeks! These are our stories.

Jon, my love!

Jon, my love!

Jon likes...

Mario Kart
English papers... :)
Funny Things
Wearing shorts on the weekends
Taco Night
His t-shirts with or without holes and
College Football



Kat Likes...

Soren Idrios
Making dinner
Cuddling on the "SofaSac"
Hiking and Camping
Fruit Snacks
Not having eye infections.
Lists :)
and JON of course!

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08 February 2012

I Heart Daddy!

Jon never reads the blog so here's a preview of our Valentines (maybe Father's Day) gift to him!
The ladies of playgroup combined forces today to make one sweet (sweet as in killer, not chocolate) craft for our party. Thanks Natalie for the idea and Angela for the pictures and all the ladies for their so cute kids!!

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02 February 2012

It Would be Better

Sometimes it's better (the most I can do) to get the picture/video on here and post it.

Sometimes it would be better if I could fill the post with fanciful words about what we're up to and how FUNNY is Soren.

Go with me for a bit...

...wouldn't you love to hear that Soren: barks like a dog, says "up", "did it", "no", likes to sing along while he plays the piano (little made-up tunes, of course) and is currently bringing me household cleaners from a cabinet that has a child proof lock on it!


He's what?!

OH, yes he is a total raccoon... I am not exaggerating when I say that he can open ANYTHING. The other day he brought me my vitamin bottle... empty. (yup that's complete with "childproof" cap as well) I think we(he) should sign up to be "childproof" product testers. Don't worry I found all the vitamins... I think. :)

As we see today, sometimes it would be better if I just posted the picture/video, so here it is

16 November 2011

back it up. beep beep beep.

Found camera cord: Check!
Found quiet moment to post: Check? I can't hardly believe it!

Soren was Christopher Robin for Halloween. It was fun to watch him almost explode with delight in his first Dum-Dum sucker and drag his candy box all over the parking lot. And then get exhausted just because of the excitement going on around him! He wore these adorable red shoes that he refused to leave on for any picture I could get of him. :)

Trick or Treat!

01 November 2011


Soren has already enjoyed an exciting start to his birthday! He opened presents this morning before Daddy went to school.

so serious...

so silly!

There was only one problem...

He feel asleep in the middle of all the excitement! (He went to bed late and woke up early today, yada, yada, yada... too much sugar equals "sugar HIGH" and that equals "sugar LOW")

*more B-day Boy pics to come!

24 September 2011

Silly Saturday (part 1)

Silly Saturday (part 2)

Soren LOVES to Noggin'! aka bonk his head into my head, your head, or really any hard surface as long as it's prefaced with the word "noggin!" :)

Today we also like tickles, snacks, pretending like we can't walk, and kitchen cabinets.

30 August 2011

Soren's First Steps aka "push him down!"

Jon and I have sort of been forcing Soren into "falling with style"... :) We're really *proud of ourselves*, especially last night when Soren up'd his style with a few steps. Sorry the video is crooked and sorry it's loud (I was really, really excited... for Soren of course!)

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