Jonathan, Katrina & Soren

Jonathan, Katrina & Soren
Jon and Katrina were married in May 2008. We live in Houston, TX. Katrina graduated from Utah State and plays the "SugaMama" role as Jon continues with his studies at U of H. We love getting lost and having all sorts of crazy adventures. Jon is nice and Katrina is honest. :) We are first time parents to Soren Idrios. He has bulldog cheeks! These are our stories.

Jon, my love!

Jon, my love!

Jon likes...

Mario Kart
English papers... :)
Funny Things
Wearing shorts on the weekends
Taco Night
His t-shirts with or without holes and
College Football



Kat Likes...

Soren Idrios
Making dinner
Cuddling on the "SofaSac"
Hiking and Camping
Fruit Snacks
Not having eye infections.
Lists :)
and JON of course!

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16 November 2011

back it up. beep beep beep.

Found camera cord: Check!
Found quiet moment to post: Check? I can't hardly believe it!

Soren was Christopher Robin for Halloween. It was fun to watch him almost explode with delight in his first Dum-Dum sucker and drag his candy box all over the parking lot. And then get exhausted just because of the excitement going on around him! He wore these adorable red shoes that he refused to leave on for any picture I could get of him. :)

Trick or Treat!

01 November 2011


Soren has already enjoyed an exciting start to his birthday! He opened presents this morning before Daddy went to school.

so serious...

so silly!

There was only one problem...

He feel asleep in the middle of all the excitement! (He went to bed late and woke up early today, yada, yada, yada... too much sugar equals "sugar HIGH" and that equals "sugar LOW")

*more B-day Boy pics to come!

24 September 2011

Silly Saturday (part 1)

Silly Saturday (part 2)

Soren LOVES to Noggin'! aka bonk his head into my head, your head, or really any hard surface as long as it's prefaced with the word "noggin!" :)

Today we also like tickles, snacks, pretending like we can't walk, and kitchen cabinets.

30 August 2011

Soren's First Steps aka "push him down!"

Jon and I have sort of been forcing Soren into "falling with style"... :) We're really *proud of ourselves*, especially last night when Soren up'd his style with a few steps. Sorry the video is crooked and sorry it's loud (I was really, really excited... for Soren of course!)

23 August 2011

Messing Around with Picasa

Can you tell Soren is an only child? :) We are a little obsessed.

04 May 2011

May Day!

We've been up to a "few" things.
However, I don't excuse myself for not blogging as we have had a lot going on!
I have a new job... Jon's finished another semester of school... Soren's popping out poop and TEETH fast enough we can barely keep track of him!
In fact, Soren just starting whining for my attention... so I'm off.

Love to everyone!

Enjoy a few pics (the ones Soren gave me time to upload)

04 February 2011

SNOW DAY *Texas-Style*

Because of the massive freezing sleet storm doomed to hit SE Texas this Thursday afternoon, schools were let out early and cancelled, stores jam packed with those stocking up for "the big one", and everyone was admonished to stay indoors with their heat on and faucets dripping. Even with all that the hype was that we would only barely survive the catastrophe looming towards us.


Here's some pictures of our Snow Day!

*On an even funnier note... if the northern states were as unprepared for freezing temps and winter weather as Houston, they would be rendered useless for all intents and purposes at least 5 months of every year! Still laughing....

Jon and I jumped at the chance to spend a bunch of time together that weren't planning on having and thus... lots of thing got done that otherwise wouldn't have for maybe weeks!

Things like:
*Soren's 3 mo. and 3-6 mo. clothes unpacked and ready to wear
*house cleaned-up
*baby snuggling!
*and such!


07 January 2011

crossing the deep (space between)

Soren is growing like a weed! He seems to "wake up" a little more every day. It's fun to see his personality come out more and get more social smiles.

Parenting for almost 10 weeks is sometimes the most fun thing I've ever done and sometimes the least fun. Babies like to cry... even really mild tempered babies like to cry. I've never found the sound of a baby cry to be frustrating... let's be honest I've worked with tantrum prone preschoolers, who like to bite and run around all day throwing things, for almost 2 years... so baby-cry has not really been on the "too much to handle" radar.

But one little thing changes all of that... Soren, go figure that my own body grew something that later would ware down my emotions and fill me joy all at the same time. I'm not really sure how symptoms of insanity and parenthood differ.

Ooh, symptoms of parenthood, that has a nice ring to it. :)

At any rate, this is one household that is growing... Soren physically of course and myself spiritually and emotionally. I am not as weak as I sometimes think I am and I hope that I can remember that even at 2am, 4am, or any other hour in which my mind and body feel as if they have nothing left to give.

I really hope this doesn't sound gloomy for that is not my intent; just to exude some hope and help myself or anyone else to focus on the destination and still find joy in the journey.

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