Jonathan, Katrina & Soren

Jonathan, Katrina & Soren
Jon and Katrina were married in May 2008. We live in Houston, TX. Katrina graduated from Utah State and plays the "SugaMama" role as Jon continues with his studies at U of H. We love getting lost and having all sorts of crazy adventures. Jon is nice and Katrina is honest. :) We are first time parents to Soren Idrios. He has bulldog cheeks! These are our stories.

Jon, my love!

Jon, my love!

Jon likes...

Mario Kart
English papers... :)
Funny Things
Wearing shorts on the weekends
Taco Night
His t-shirts with or without holes and
College Football



Kat Likes...

Soren Idrios
Making dinner
Cuddling on the "SofaSac"
Hiking and Camping
Fruit Snacks
Not having eye infections.
Lists :)
and JON of course!

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21 October 2008

What stays in Vegas?...

Everyone's heard the old adage, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but does anyone really know why that statement is true? Jon and I found out this last weekend as we ventured down to "Sin City" to check it out.

First it must be said that I come from a Vegas-Hating-Type family. Anytime we drove past or even got remotely near Vegas it was always, "Drive right through." and "Kids look down at your feet." In fact, the only part of Las Vegas I had ever seen was the 7-11 outside of town and even then we couldn't even think about touching the slot machine outside the store. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating, but that's how I remember it in my little kid mind.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Mark live in North Las Vegas and were kind enough to let us stay with them for the weekend. Jon and I needed desperately to get away from the stress of school and work so we packed our bags and got out of dodge.

It was a wonderful weekend! We got to see family, I got to catch up with the Whitakers (my most favorite missionary couple in Ecuador), and we hung out with Chang and his family too!

Mark and Becky are great hosts and even treated us to a night on the strip, which brings me back to the introduction of my blog. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because no one is sober enough to remember what happened! Everyone is too drunk to remember anything at all from their Vegas vacation. As Jon and I checked in to the Excalibur on Friday night, we walked through the casino to get to our room and the first thing I saw was an old guy on a motorized chair run over another man and knock him off his stool at the slot machines. I couldn't help from giggling my socks off about this! Picture it... old man in motorized chair rams into another gambler knocking him off his stool! Classic.

Anyway, that was only the beginning of the antics we witnessed on the strip, but I will spare you details and keep my blog G-rated. I love people-watching and since I don't gamble, Vegas is really good for a lot of laughs at others' expense.

Later that night after a delicious dinner at the Elephant Bar (not on the strip, locals only please) in Henderson, we took a stroll down the Las Vegas Strip.

I have always wanted to see the Bellagio Fountains, and let me tell you it was spectacular! We watched a show to the song "All that Jazz" from the musical "Chicago". Absolutely wonderful! The water really does shoot up higher than the hotel itself!
We also saw many other well-known luxury hotels like MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Luxor, Wynn, Trump Tower, Caesar's Palace, just to name few. We also went on the New York New York rollercoaster and did lots of shopping near stores like Harry Winston, Gucci, Armani, and Saks Fifth Avenue where not even a food court is considered respectable enough to be a "real" part of the mall. Can you feel the glamour? Can you smell the stench of credit cards maxing out?
Fact: People on the strip are nuts.

Fact: We saw a modern day version of the great and spacious building encaptured in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville outside restaurant where guest beckon and mock onlookers and passersby.

Fiction: People will not be held responsible for acts committed in Las Vegas just because the slogan says so.

Fact: I don't think that I was really missing much all those years in my childhood and I've proved it with two exceptions the fountains and a rollercoaster.

Much more meaningful to me was the time spent with family and friends. We even got to spy on Chang's mom while she was on a date. She and her date were great sports! I got to hug Elder and Sister Whitaker which means the world to me after all the love and support they have given me and I was able to get to know Uncle Mark and Aunt Becky better. (Let's just say that the Galbraith men have some distinctive traits that run in the family.)

Hears to great weekend in Las Vegas and the best part is that I remember every bit of it!

Tag of Unspectacular Quirks

The rules are:
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1. I don't ever wear two socks that match.
2. I have to clean my ears out everyday with a Q-tip, even though everyone says not too and there is a warning on the package.
3. I cannot fall asleep with the door closed and I have to be facing the open door just in case some one comes in to kill me and I need to be ready for a frontal attack.
4. Jon and I never saw a movie in the theatre until after we we're married.
5. I hate beets. They taste like dirt.
6. I can move my left eyeball without moving my right eyeball.

***I now tag: Mom, Jackie, Jana, Julie, Mindy, and Emily!

02 October 2008

Why I love being married to Jon...

On Tuesday night, Jon had some work to complete in Salt Lake. We drove down in the evening and while he worked, I shopped for a bit with my mom. It was a lot of fun. I finally found a frame for the little piece of crafting I did at Enrichment Night 3 weeks ago. It's an absolute injustice that Logan does not have a Target.

Anyway, before we drove back to Logan that night we decided to pick up some goodies to help keep us awake. Jon was in need of more "seeds" as he calls them. No, he doesn't grow anything, he likes to eat sunflower seeds. In fact, when I ask him to drive safe and if he'll be okay late at night driving he always answers, "Yup, I have my seeds." He says it's all he needs to keep him awake and I found out why.

His very special way of eating them is... shoving a bunch in his mouth all at once. He then proceeds to extract each seed from its shell, spit out the shell and save the seed inbetween his gum and upper lip! He does this with each seed until all the shells are out and then eats all the seeds at the same time.

I decided to try this and while it may sound easy I can testify that it is not. I only got about 10 finished before I started running out of room in my lip area. I luckily finished 21 seeds but Jon lost count somehwere around 24 and kept on going for about another 5 minutes. I predict that he had close to 50 seeds! here are our seed cups from the drive. He is so much fun!

We also found out that we share an addiction! I bought one of those Chex Mix bags, the ones that you get because they are so salty and delicious. I told Jon that I really only get them because of the little, round, brown, bread-like ones. These are my favorite and it turns out his favorite too! He told me that you can even buy just a bag of the brown thingies! What a strange thing, no? We are two weird peas-in-a-pod.

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